General Eyecare

Our Vision Services

Our extensive vision services include complete vision examinations, an extensive selection of fashion/designer, traditional and budget-wise eyeglass frames and other eyewear, all contact lenses and much more. We are proud of the dedication of our staff. Together we work to assure that your experience with Trappe Family Eyecare is incomparable.

Adult Eyecare

Both Dr. Wise and Dr. Malikkal are committed to treating their patients with concern and respect. As a private practice, they are personally responsible for diagnosis and treatment decisions, and work diligently to achieve optimum results for each patient. Equipped in-house with the latest technology, the doctors offer eye screenings, and detection and diagnosis of eye disease, including glaucoma, in a relaxed, state-of-the-art environment.

Recommended eye examinations:

  • Adults: Every Year

Child Eyecare

Specially-trained in pediatric eye care, Dr. Malikkal guides your child’s eye health through every age. From the first set of eyewear to the prevention and detection of disease, Dr. Malikkal creates an atmosphere of comfort and compassion that helps children feel at ease.

Recommended routine, non-symptomatic vision care:

  • Infants and Toddlers: By 6 months of age;
  • Pre-Schoolers: Ages 3 and 5;
  • Comprehensive exam at school age, examinations every 1 to 2 years.

Learn about InfantSEE®

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Schedule your appointment and we will assure that your examination will be comprehensive, and in a welcoming and relaxing, state-of-the-art environment. In addition to vision range, you will be tested for eye diseases such as glaucoma and for any possible disorders. Visual abilities are evaluated and, if needed, lenses, therapy or medication may be prescribed. We utilize the latest in diagnostic technology and can provide for all of your eyecare needs. We believe in preventive vision care.

Eyeglass Prescriptions Filled

We not only write your new prescription, following your thorough eye examination, we are also, in most instances, able to fill the prescription right in our offices. Whether it is for your present frames or new frames you may choose, we have all that is needed for your complete satisfaction.

Contact Lenses

Whether your desire is for gas-permeable (rigid) or soft lenses, we will fit you with precision and fulfill any other specific or special needs. We have a long history of success with difficult prescriptions. We will carefully instruct you how to place, remove and maintain your lenses. Follow-up assures your complete comfort and satisfaction.

Optical Dispensing

We have the ability for on-site fabrication of lenses. We can also maintain and repair lenses and frames. Our staff is always available for adjustments to assure comfort and correct vision.

LASIK Surgery Co-Management

The doctors and staff of Trappe Family Eyecare may evaluate patients for laser vision correction, and refer to a number of excellent providers with which we have had a long, professional relationship.

Emergency Care for Eye Infections, Eye Injuries, Dry Eyes

Trappe Family Eyecare is always available in the event of emergency care for eye infections or injuries. Call our office at 610-831-8060 during office hours or our emergency number, 484-680-8933, after hours or on weekends. An appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible to address your problem. Follow-up visits will monitor recovery, if required.

Dry eyes occur when your tears are not able to provide adequate moisture for your eyes. Tears can be inadequate for many reasons. We will determine the cause and prescribe exactly the correct remedy, following through to your complete satisfaction.

Eye Diseases, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetes

There are a number of eye diseases of which patients should be aware and which the staff at Trappe Family Eyecare can address. They include:

Cataracts – This is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. This is a common cause of blindness and may easily be treated with surgery. Trappe Family Eyecare will examine for cataracts as part of your thorough examination. If cataracts are identified we will co-manage your diagnosis with proven experts in cataract surgery.

Glaucoma – An eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern. This can permanently damage vision in the affected eye(s) and lead to blindness if left untreated. It is normally associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye. The possible presence of glaucoma is one of many reasons to have an eye examination on a regular basis.

Diabetic patients should have a dilated retinal examination each year. This is carried out right in our offices. We also will remind each year when you are due to repeat this essential test.

Low Vision Services

People who have lost eyesight due to injuries or eye disease need special types of products to help them function as independently as possible.

We can direct those who have low vision problems to products that will help them carry on the day-to-day tasks that they need to perform. In some cases we can set up a program for the low vision patient with the National Library of Congress to receive “books on tapes,” which is a service for the blind.

Vision Therapy

The Vision & Learning Center at Trappe Family Eyecare’s offices specializes in understanding the extent of your vision difficulties and finding solutions to alleviate the troubling symptoms. We specialize in helping patients gain visual skills so they can function better in the classroom, work, sports and life.

We help our patients avoid the greatest tragedy in the world – lost human potential.

Nearly all people are born with the potential for good eyesight. However, vision – the ability to identify, interpret, and understand what is seen – is learned and developed starting from birth. Thus, 20/20 visual acuity in each eye might not be enough. The ability to use both eyes together, smoothly, equally, simultaneously, effortlessly, and accurately is important for the visual system. Not having adequate visual skills can impact many aspects of life.

Using one-on-one vision therapy, trained doctors and therapists select specific vision therapy procedures tailored to your level of vision functioning. Patients will learn to improve the skills of eye-tracking, eye-focusing, and eye-teaming for better visual function. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. However, we make therapy fun!

Our office in the Collegeville area is easy to reach. Our therapy hours accommodate the needs of school students and working adults.

Vision Therapy Services are offered at the Vision & Learning Center, 115 West Main Street, Suite B, Trappe, PA 19426, 610-489-1828.

GVSS (Gentle Vision Shaping System)

Trappe Family Eyecare provides the Gentle Vision Shaping System which uses specially-designed vision retainers to gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye (the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. The principle is similar to the use of a dental retainer by an orthodontist to realign teeth. The vision retainers are similar to contact lenses and are only worn at night while sleeping. They are then removed upon awakening to provide clear vision without using glasses or contact lenses. The retainers are comfortable and very easy to care for. GVSS has also been shown to decrease and slow down the progression of myopia (nearsightedness).

Trappe Family Eyecare (now a part of MyEyeDr.) and the Vision And Learning Center are proud to offer general eyecare services and Vision Therapy to Trappe Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities, including Collegeville, Royerford, Limerick, Eagleville, Phoenixville, Skippack, King of Prussia, Norristown, Pottstown, and Plymouth Meeting.